When someone is physically disabled, people often assume that there is some mental handicap as well. But that is not the case with Walter. 

Though diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a very young age, Walter's physical disability never stopped him from living his life. Walter is a very independent person, which always surprises many people. At home, Walter has help to do the things he cannot do himself, but at work, Publix has allowed him the opportunity of maintaining a good portion of that independence. He has been selling newspapers there for over 40 years. 

​Walter's nickname is "Shock Man" because he often shocks people with the amount of enthusiasm he has has for life, not to mention the many things he's able to accomplish, despite his disability. Walter loves to work out and participate in any physical activity he can, from water skiing to lifting weights. He also happens to be a very capable chess player. His favorite TV show is Holmes on Homes on HGTV. He has expressed interest in applying to be on the show, so that he can fix up his house. His favorite musician is James Brown. He used to play his music proudly at work, but recently, customer complaints have forced Publix to forbid him from doing so. He also loves animals and used to frequent the Tallahassee Zoo.

Because he spends every waking hour in his wheelchair, it is important that he has a comfortable chair. In the past, Walter has struggled with equipment that doesn't fit him right and causes more problems.​ At his current age, the disease has affected a lot of his motor skills, and Walter has trouble speaking more than ever. But though Walter may be physically

handicapped, his unique and wonderful personality still shines through to those who are patient enough to be his friend. 

Take a look at his film to learn more about him. And don't forget to say hi on your way into Publix!

Walter's Story